About – The Aquarium Hobbyist

The Aquarium Hobbyist(TAH) is a blog which is about everything you need to know about freshwater aquariums. The aim of TAH is to provide knowledge and information about the fish keeping hobby to everyone, especially to the beginner hobbyist to get into the right track when starting off in their hobby and also for the long time hobbyist as well. The website has information on setting up your own aquarium to everything you need to know in this lovely hobby which is filled with interest and pure joy. This website aims to provide inspiration to everyone! Hope you’ll go through all the categories and read all the articles to gain knowledge.

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About – TheFishNerd

Hi! I’m TheFishNerd. I’m 22 and live in Sri Lanka, where I’m studying Software Engineering. I got into fish keeping when I was really small, like 10 years old. As a youngster I always had an aquarium in our house. My parents used to keep an aquarium and I also began to love the fish keeping hobby. I got several fish tanks at home and I’m hoping to get more as all hobbyist do love it!

I started blogging in 2019. The Aquarium Hobbyist is my first website. I love to write articles about the Fish Keeping hobby and share my experiences as a hobbyist. I hope to continue to improve my content and add more articles to my website as the days pass, hope you’ll be with me in my journey. And don’t hesitate to contact me!

Hope the The Aquarium Hobbyist will inspire you!