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The 5 Best Aquariums in the US You Must Visit

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Findout the best aquariums in the United States and their key attractions, ticket pricing, nearby hotels, parking facilities, discounts and offers included!

Aquariums in the United States gives you the chance to witness marine life and freshwater aquarium fish. Tourists will be seeing sea creatures like otters, penguins, killer whales, dolphins, sharks and many other species.

Tourists will get a once in a life time photo taking opportunity with aquarium exhibits. This is one of the most popular activities in an US aquarium.

Informative learning sessions about the aquatic creatures and a chance to witness marine life provide great value for tourists. Diving with sharks, swimming with stingrays, riding dolphins, feeding otters will excite every family member from the youngest to oldest.

These top United States aquariums are attracting millions and millions of tourists yearly. The list of US aquariums ranked from most popular to least have many smaller USA aquariums as well.

As a traveler, top aquariums in the US should be at the top of your “go-to places list”. It will be a cherishing memory for any tourist visiting and traveling to places in the United States.

Here are some of the best aquariums in the United States which are worth a visit!

Top 5 Best Aquariums in the US

Georgia Aquarium – Atlanta, GA

Georgia Aquarium is ranked (or listed) in the best aquariums in the United States.

Committed to inspire and preserve ocean life, Georgia is the largest non-profit aquarium in the western hemisphere. Opened in 2005 Georgia was the largest aquarium in the world till 2012. It is one of the best aquariums in the United States.

Situating in Atlanta, Georgia of the USA, It is home and sanctuary to more than 10,000 animals of the sea kingdom. All which reside in 10 million US gallons of marine and saltwater. The aquarium really does give an “experience of the world beneath the waves”.

Attractions in Georgia Aquarium

Famous for face to face interaction activities with the Beluga, Dolphins, Sea Otters and more. The Georgia aquarium offers a world beyond the one on land. With special features such as dive shows, the reef talks, seal encounters and such. The aquarium is one of a kind in the entire region.

The main feature of the Georgia aquarium revolves around one of its residents, the Whale Shark. Interaction with this beautiful creature of the aquatic world brings people from all over, to come witness, its majestic wonder.

Ticket Pricing and Open Hours of the Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia aquarium offers tickets priced from the ranges of $25 to $40.

There are special ticket offers to those who have memberships. The aquarium also offers a 10% discount for tickets ordered online.

A special discount for punctuality in seeing some of its main shows is available. Those include the early bird savings. The Georgia aquarium prices according to the visitors liking and order schedules.

Open hours are from 10 am to 9 pm. Visitors spend around 3 – 4 hours in the aquarium enjoying and learning about the sea world.

Georgia Aquarium Nearby Hotels, Restaurants and Parking

The Georgia aquarium hotel partners offer a special deal. If lodging in, an immediate entry to the aquarium is granted.

Parking usually costs around $12 but fluctuates with time.

Georgia Aquarium Discounts and Offers

Georgia aquarium facts include free entrance on birthdays if you are a resident of Georgia. You should have a valid ID or birth certificate to prove so.

The Georgia aquarium discounts also go out for the military and senior citizens.

They are offering free entrance for kids below the age of 3. For kids whose age is more than 3, the ticket price sums to around 13$.

Your ticket to Georgia aquarium is more than just a ticket. It’s a life saver to all marine animals around the world in a single place!

New England Aquarium – Boston, MA

New England Aquarium is ranked (or listed) in the best aquariums in the United States.

Located in Boston, Massachusetts in the USA. The New England Aquarium is open for the public. Another one of the best aquariums in the United States.

It’s home to more than 22,000 aquatic animals residing in 200,000 US gallons of marine and saltwater tanks.

The aquarium brings in more than a million visitors each year.

Attractions in New England Aquarium

The Aquarium is a leading international ocean exploration and marine conservation sanctuary. And also a major public education resource to the region.

The Cow nose Rays, Atlantic Rays and Epaulette Sharks are the aquariums notable creatures. The aquarium entertains visitors of all ages and inspires to preserve. Attractions such as a theater and the Aquarium’s Whale watch placed in addition.

Special sights include a 4,000,000 gallon Caribbean Coral Reef exhibit teaming with 1000 of aquatic animals. Exhibits featuring shark species from around the world are also a key feature.

Additional pricing would include tours of the Boston Super Saver : New England aquarium’s whale watching cruise.

Ticket Pricing and Open Hours of the New England Aquarium

The New England Aquariums hours of visiting are usually from 9 am to 6 pm.

Admission tickets to the aquarium usually cost around $35.

Booking tickets online is easier. Printable coupons and vouchers are also available to be purchased online.

The New England aquarium discounts go to the younger audience and senior citizens. Free entrance is also provided to children below the age of 3 and to the members of the Aquarium. Visitors on wheelchairs and any with visual impairments are also welcome free of charge.

College students with a valid college ID and Active Duty Military personnel and their dependents also get discounts on entry. Salem residents get free admission every day. EBT, AAA, MBTA Charlie card holders also get discounts.

New England Aquarium Nearby Hotels, Restaurants and Parking

The New England Aquarium Hotel partners include The Marriott Custom House, Oak wood Boston and more.

Lodging deals with the partnered hotels, combining a hotel stay and admission to the aquarium can save up money.

The harbor garage is the closest parking option to the aquarium as it does not own a garage.

Other Activities in New England Aquarium

New England Aquarium events are many. From a tall ship sunset sail on the Boston harbor to exploring ocean health and more as to name. With so much to see the New England aquarium is truly a sight into the world under the sea.

Monterey Bay Aquarium – Monterey, CA

Monterey Bay Aquarium is ranked (or listed) in the best aquariums in the United States.

Inspiring conservation of the ocean, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is a non-profit aquarium. It is a marine life sanctuary open to the public.

It is located at the oceans edge on historic cannery Row, California.

Opened in 1984 the Monterey Bay Aquarium focuses on regional marine habitats. It is home to around 35000 animals. The aquarium holds in 2.3 million US gallons of salt and marine water tanks. The area is 29,900 square meters. 

Attractions in Monterey Bay Aquarium

The aquarium attracts around 2 million visitors annually from all over the world.

Major exhibits are the kelp forest, sea otters, jellies and open sea exhibits.

The Monterey Bay is one of the Leading Research hubs. Its biologists have pioneered the animal husbandry of jellyfish.

It is the first to successfully care for and display a Great White Shark.

People usually spend around 2 to 4 hours enjoying what the aquarium has to offer.

Ticket Pricing and Open Hours of the Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Monterey Bay Aquarium tickets are priced at around $41.

Open from 10 am to 5pm the aquarium is a wonder to behold from all points of view.

Discount offers go out to Senior Citizens, residents, students with a valid college ID and military active duty personnel. Discounts are also granted to children aged 3 to 12.

Free entrance is granted for children below the age of 3. The Monterey bay Aquarium discounts also go out to AAA members. Tickets are non-refundable and expire one year after purchase.

Booking tickets online will save up money.

Hundreds of companies and credit unions partnered with the aquarium offer discounted admissions to their employees and members.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Nearby Hotels, Restaurants and Parking

Hotels near the aquarium include Monterey Bay Plaza Hotel and Spa, best western plus Victoria Inn. Visitors have rated those as the most booked and most popular.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium hotel partners give exclusive admission tickets. They are valid for two consecutive days at the same price of a regular one-day admission ticket.

Parking is available at the downtown East Garage at 340 Tyler Street in Monterey. The fee is $7 for the entire day.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Discounts and Offers

The aquarium also works with government agencies, other non-profit organizations and social service. They provide free access to those who can’t afford admission. The aquarium does not offer coupons or online deals.

To discover nature’s wonders, the Monterey Bay aquarium is the place to go.

Shedd Aquarium – Chicago, IL

Shedd aquarium is ranked (or listed) in the best aquariums in the United States.

Located on the Lake Show Drive of Chicago, Illinois in USA, the Shedd aquarium is an indoor public aquarium. Named as one of the best aquariums in the United States for it’s diversity.

Opened in 1930, the aquarium is home to 32,000 animals. Built with 5,000,000 US gallons of salt and marine water tanks Shedd was the largest indoor aquarium in the world.

Shedd Aquarium attracts more than 2 million visitors per year.

Attractions in Shedd Aquarium

Some of the major exhibits are the Amazon Rising, Caribbean Reef, Polar Play Zone and the Wild Reef. They are the reasons for the aquarium’s popularity. Shedd was the first inland aquarium with a permanent saltwater fish collection.

The events held by the Aquarium are without doubt what brings in visitors up and rushing. The Shark Feeding tour, calm waters, Great Lakes Science, Shedd after hour parties, jazzing at the Shedd and such. Take in the spectacular skyline views and join in with the sensations. From salsa dancing to animal encounters be marveled by what this indoor Aquarium has to offer.

Ticket Pricing and Open Hours of the Shedd Aquarium

The aquarium is open from hours 9 am to 5 pm.

Shedd aquarium tickets cost $40 and $20 for Chicago residents.

For children resident in Chicago aged 3-11, tickets price at 15$ and nonresident children are charged 30$ per ticket.

Starting from January, every year and counting 25 days, free entrance is granted to the residents of Illinois. Students with a valid college ID get a discount to the aquarium.

Shedd Aquarium discounts offer a free Admission, up to four tickets per EBT card. Booking tickets online, would save up money as well.

Shedd Aquarium Nearby Hotels, Restaurants and Parking

The Shedd Aquariums hotels are partnered. They include the Best Western River North Hotel, Hilton Chicago, Fairmount Chicago, Millennium Park and more.

Residencies like the Downtown Magnificent Mile offers VIP packages which include 2 adult VIP Shedd aquarium admission tickets per day.

The parking lot costs around $25. Shedd Aquarium parking can be reserved online, saving 60% of parking fee with parking charged at $4 per hour.

Restaurants nearby include the Turquoise Café & Restaurant, Soundings café, Farmers Fridge and more.

Shedd Aquarium Discounts and Offers

The Shedd Aquariums Coupons and promo codes save big on tickets and memberships. Top deals vary from 50% onwards.

Sea World Aquarium – Orlando, FL

Sea World aquarium is ranked (or listed) in the best aquariums in the United States.

Located in Orlando, Florida.

The Sea World Orlando is both a theme park and a marine zoological park. It is ranked as the 10th most visited theme park in the USA.

The Sea World Orlando attracts more than 4 million guests per year. The park is all about conservation of the ocean. Opened in 1973 the Sea World Orlando sits on 200 acres of land.

It has a total of 13 attractions and 5 Roller coasters that will be sure to keep you at the edge of your seat.

Attractions in Sea World Aquarium

Every year the park offers seasonal shows. It has an indoor exhibit featuring the world of the wild Arctic, the research station in the Arctic Ocean. Exhibits featuring the local marine life are also included.

Sea World Orlando is home to the park’s five Killer Whales. Recently Pilot Whales, Dolphins, Marabou Storks, the Andean Condor were introduced as well.

Sea World Orlando holds events such as Shamu’s celebration and Shamu’s Christmas miracle night shows. There are many acrobatic feats performed by the park’s residents as well.

Dolphin days start at 11 am followed by the signature Killer Whale show at 11.30 am.

Sea World Aquarium Ticket Pricing and Open Hours

The Sea World Orlando tickets price at $85.

Online booking gives a discount of $6.

Park hours and schedules are updated periodically and must be checked at least two weeks before prior day. The usual open hours are from 10 am to 6 pm.

Sea World Aquarium Nearby Hotels, Restaurants and Parking

Superbly located near the park is the resort Renaissance Orlando at Sea World. Along with it are the Walt Disney Orlando, Universal Studios and Discovery Cove.

The hotels nearby the park include Hilton, Townplace Suites and many more. The parks restaurants include The Sharks Underwater Grill, the Sea Fire Grill, Trade Winds in collaboration with Renaissance and more.

Parking is regularly $20 and currently is the same.

Sea World Aquarium Discounts and Offers

Sea World Orlando discounts also include the 70% off park tickets with a three-day advance in which is available online.

Occasionally locals get discounts and US Active Duty Military/Veterans, National guardsmen get one complimentary admission per year. The Sea world Orlando coupons are available online along with the 50% discount if you are a registered member.

The theme park has an inclement weather policy. If the rain ruins the fun, guests will receive a complimentary return visit to be used within a year.

This theme park has entertained, and its exhibits have inspired conservation of the Oceans.

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